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NEW S2KUK Store!

We are really pleased to be able to launch our new online store, with lots of garments available, all of which are embroidered with our logo.  Including Hats, Bags, T-shirts, Polo Shirts, Hoodies and Jackets!

Ideal Christmas presents, so give your other half a hint, and for a limited time only a special members introductory offer, for which the code has been emailed out and posted in our members only facebook group!

All garmets are produced to order, so the pictures do not yet show them with the logo, but we will be adding these as we get stock and sell the items!

We hope ytou enjoy it, and are looking forward to see you in your "club kit" soon!  Send us your pictures, and any feedback please let us know.

Link to store:

Silverstone Classic 2018 - EARLY BIRD PRICES!


The table below explains the Car Club Display Package prices that are uniquely available to car club members.

The packages include two general admission tickets and one infield vehicle display pass for our allocated club display area. These can only be purchased by using the booking code dedicated to each individual car club. There is no extra booking fee on top of the ticket price but a transaction fee will be applicable per order (not per ticket).

There are three pricing periods for car club display package sales with the last one ending on 31st May 2018 giving us sufficient time to plan the layout of the infield and provide club coordinators and their members with more detailed information prior to arrival onsite, including club infield display area location and entrance route to the venue.


You need to enter this code on to apply the discount

ONLY use this code if you are an S2KUK Member, and have an S2000 you are bringing on our stand. (This is checked for abuse by the organisers) If you want to bring a different car, contact US first.

Early Bird Car Club Display Packages
Available 1st January until 31st March 2018

Friday - £45
Saturday - £74
Sunday - £62
2-Day Fri/Sat - £92
2-Day Sat/Sun - £101
3-Day Weekend - £102

Standard Car Club Display Packages
Available 1st April until 31st May 2018 (afer this date, you can't get infield pass to get on our stand!)

Friday - £52
Saturday - £78
Sunday - £67
2-Day Fri/Sat - £102
2-Day Sat/Sun - £112
3-Day Weekend - £120


Event Dates: 20th - 22nd July 2018 

Set Up Times: 19th July between 10:00 and 20:00

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VOTE NOW: 2018 S2KUK Calendar

Voting is now open for the 2018 S2KUK Calendar!

It is highly recommended you click on the thumbnails to see the large versions.  Most images are done no justice by the thumbnails.  

Vote on your favourite 3 images.

You can only vote once.  This will be monitored and anyone found to be attempting to vote multiple times will be disqualified from this and ALL future competitions and votes removed.

To see the entries and vote click here

Voting will close on Saturday 21st October at 12.00pm MIDDAY

Megameet 16 - Norfolk, May 2018 - REGISTRATION OPEN!

Announcing our 16th "Megameet"


For Megameet 16 we will be heading east to the lovely county of Norfolk.

Join other passionate S2000 owners to:

  • Drive some fantastic roads on Saturday
  • Many chances for picturesque photographs
  • Competitions and prizes for S2000s and their owners
  • Saturday night S2000 Party - Charity dinner, raffle prizes, auctions and entertainment
  • An extra special Sunday optional extra drive around the Norfolk Broads and taking in a lunch stop at Great Yarmouth and evening meal at Woodfordes Brewery.
  • Spend the weekend at Dunston Hall (picture below)
  • And maybe even learn the language!


As it is now October, half year memberships are available!

Half year membership is now open at just £12.50, until 30th April 2018.

Click here to join now.

New Members Only Facebook Group

You probably already LIKE our facebook page!   We will shortly be launching a facebook GROUP for MEMBERS ONLY, in addition to the open page.  This will help with the way we communicate with everyone and help members keep in touch, discuss events, get technical help etc.  We will be emailing the link to the group to all paid up members very soon.... so:

  • Please make sure your membership is up to date!
  • Please ensure your email address in your profile is up to date! 
  • You can do both at this link:

Remember we are all over social media - click the relevant logos on our website to see them (they are all @s2kuk /s2kuk +s2kuk etc.!!)

REMINDER: S2KUK 2018 Calendar Entries


NOW we are well into meet and event season it's surely time for the cameras to be out!  We will be producing another S2KUK Calendar this year, so get your pictures or cameras out, submit your photo entries via email!  

Please READ and FOLLOW the rules and instructions - ESPECIALLY the first ones in red!  (You would not beleive how many people do not send a suitably sized file or haven't named it properly!! PLEASE HELP US! Laughing)


We all want to see great shots of the S2000, so we have high standards for submissions.

  • Photos need to meet a minimum resolution for print purposes. That minimum is "high resolution" - at least 150 dpi, in tif, png, jpg formats. As a guide, photos should generally be AT LEAST 4-5 MB in size or more.
  • You CAN obscure license plates if you wish.
  • Photos need to be cropped "loose" this is to avoid having some great submissions that we can’t use because the image was already cropped too tight to the S2000.  Try and leave some space around the S2000 so the image can be cropped to fit the calendar. 
  • No watermarks allowed.
  • NO Nudity - images must be work and family safe.
  • ONE ENTRY ONLY per person (so choose wisely) You may if you wish supercede your entry as many times as you want.
  • The photo could have been taken BY YOU any time.

How to make a submission

  • When you have a photo to submit, rename it with the following format:  "Real_Name.jpg" (YOUR NAME not actually Real_Name.jpg!)
  • Email them to:
  • Photos have to be emailed for entry. This is your tacit consent that they can be used in the calendar, and on the S2KUK website.
  • Submissions not following the criteria above will be rejected without notice so please follow the instructions! 

Submission deadline 7TH OCTOBER 2017 at 23:59 Submissions will then be put on the S2KUK website for voting.

Submissions MUST be EMAILED and THE MIN SIZE and NAMED PROPERLY.   If they are not emailed, they are not entered.


  • Photos shouldn't just be "driveway" shots, no hose and bucket in the background. You need to be creative, artistic, and unique! At least find a scenic spot to take the pic!
  • Lots of people take the ubiquitous 1/4 front or 1/4 rear view, and we can only have so many similar poses in a calendar, so taking the time to do something different and interesting will count toward the submissions.
  • The calendar is not for profit, and stresses the love we have for our cars. 


By entering this calendar competition you are giving licence to S2KUK (UK S2000 Owners Club) to use your image for publication in the calendar and on the S2KUK website.  

IF YOU DO NOT OWN COPYRIGHT of the image - that is if YOU did not take the photograph it will not qualify for the competition. 

DO NOT ENTER WITH A PHOTO YOU DID NOT TAKE, as it can have serious consequences if it is published. 

By entering a photo to the competition you are agreeing to indemnify UK S2000 Owners Club against any action regarding copyright should you have entered a photo of which you do not own copyright.

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We have a new members only Facebook Group - have you joined it? (Membership no. needed and will be checked. Join/renew now if you haven't already)


All your club clothing needs Ready for show season!


New discount off this plasti-dip service

Ignitionline - NEW DISCOUNT

New 10% off at Ignitonline for members

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