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S2KUK Wessex Breakfast Run - September 2023

Words by organiser, Ade Soutter:

We normally get six or seven cars on our runs. Imagine my surprise when nine cars turned up for an 8:00 start on Sunday.

We set off through the New Forest on the first part of our run in dry weather. We added to our numbers with another car joining us in Burley.
A quick stop incase anyone wanted to raise their hoods as we were now in some heavy drizzle.

It must have been an impressive sight to be at the back of the convoy as we drove through Sandbanks towards the ferry.

With 2 more cars joining; by the time we got to the ferry we had 12 S2000s in all. "Yeah we got a great big convoy ain't she a beautiful sight!"

By some sheer fluke we were all lined up together waiting for the ferry, with no rogue cars between us. I maintain that 12 Honda S2000s on a chain link ferry is a world record. Beating our previous record, which was seven.

Once we arrived at Studland we had great B roads and little tourist traffic to contend with. Driving down into Swanage Bay and onto Corfe Castle then on our way to Lulworth Cove for breakfast. Another S2K meets us in the car park having driven from the Weymouth area. It was great to see quite a few new faces as well as older friends.

My thanks go to Harry, official photographer. Stephen and Graham (not present) for route suggestions. Also to Sedge who drove shotgun at the rear of the convoy making sure no-one got lost. He did have the best view of all the cars in front of him. Thanks for all of you who turned up to make this event our greatest success to date.

Denbies Cars & Coffee - S2000 Meet

Our regular S2000 meet at Denbies in Dorking on 3rd September brought a bright and very sunny morning with 14 of S2ks in attendance. A record for this local group.   The picture shows the group with  Box Hill in the background.   

We combine with a much larger group  of all makes cars.  This weekend the overall event was  joined by BMW M and Alpina cars who were  out in force enjoying the sunshine as well 

Next Denbies meet is Sunday 1st October 2023.

Are You a S2000 GT Edition 100 Owner?

As the UK S2000 Owners Club, we are creating a GT100 Edition Register, trying to establish how many Edition 100  cars are still in circulation, and hopefully on the road too. 

If you own an Edition 100 and we've not already been in touch, please comment below or email with your car’s plaque number. You will receive further contact outlining what we need to include you in the GT100 Register.

Thank you! 


Peak District Treasure Hunt June 2023

It's taken a while for us to sort out this write up, but most definitely worth the wait and the read!  We cannot wait until the next Treasure hunt and nor can many of our members.  If anyone else fancies setting something up like this, let us put you in touch with Simon!

Words by Simon Penn:

Some people are lucky where they live. I count myself as one of these people having the glorious peak district right on my doorstep.

For quite a few years I’ve organised various runs through the peak district on the behalf of S2KUK, so other people can experience a small part of what I get to enjoy all the time. From the outset the numbers of attendees were quite high, with over 20 cars in attendance for every run.  People would travel from far and wide to take part.

Each year would come, and we’d have a successful run, but every year I thought about trying something new. I wanted to move things on a little so people could have their own unique experience rather than following others in convoy around a set route. I thought it might be nice to try and raise some money for charity in the process.

This is where the idea of the Treasure hunt came from.

In the autumn of 2022, I decided it was time to put my idea into action, but I’d need to think about the mechanics of how this could work as a leisurely treasure hunt and not a race around the peaks. Over the next few months, I would jot down ideas, locations & clues, and plan various clue delivery methods.

The locations were the easy part with so many places to visit in the Peak District, at one point the list was well over 70. I decided to thin out the more obscure locations so people not from the area could compete on a level playing field with the locals. I then wrote clues for each location, some of which were about the place itself and some a play on the words in the name, just to mix it up a little.

Then would come the routes themselves. After much head scratching and revisiting of ideas, I opted to go for the simplest method of issuing a map with over 50 locations marked. This then meant I could plan various offline unique ‘routes’ around the locations, ensuring each had a similar distance of travel. Then using mobile technology, I could drip feed the clues to the participants as they successfully identified and arrived at each point on their route of 10 locations. It would mean a lot of work for me acting as a central hub directing all the participants, but this system would ensure everyone travelled on their own and I could react if there were any major issues around the Peak District area. Just in case technology let us down, each team would be given a sealed envelope with all their pre-planned locations so they could still stay on the move without needing to contact me.

In addition, each team would get a list of bonus point items, they could take a picture of, to boost their final points tally.

The charity selection for the event was easy.  Prostate Cancer UK were the ideal candidates, having had links to the disease both with close family members and through members in the club. They were excellent in offering advice on ways to boost fundraising methods and maximise the uptake of people taking part.

Once I had a charity on board, it was then time to put together a prize package for the winners. Many local businesses were approached and we got some very generous donations from the likes of Peak Ales Brewery and Denby potteries.

The final piece of the puzzle would be somewhere we could use as base, for me to set up camp for the day and somewhere for us to assemble before and after the hunt. Another local club member suggested the Old Dog at Thorpe as a viable venue as they had personal links to the owner, and we hold our monthly Derbyshire meet ups there. Ross at the Old Dog couldn’t have been any more accommodating opening up early for us to offer use of the facilities and to provide bacon cobs and hot drinks.

As the date grew nearer, I got all the plans finalised, drew up maps and paperwork printed, and I even had time to knock up a batch of stickers for participants to put on their cars to mark the occasion. Well, everyone loves a sticker, don’t they?

So came the big day, on June 3rd. I arrived early doors to get set up and organised, to wait for people to arrive. With all the planning and advertising taking part through club channels and social media, the exact number of attendees was unknown. I was hoping for 20 cars, and I was not disappointed with 24 in total arriving to take part. The drawer of a drive in the Peak District obviously proved strong with people travelling from as far afield as Hartlepool and Preston to take part.

I suggested a £5 charity donation to take part in the event and every single person surpassed this showing great generosity with much large offerings to the good cause.

Everyone had their pre-hunt food and I handed out all the packs, and after a slight delay everyone went off into the wild on the treasure hunt at 11am.

Over the following hour successful (and some unsuccessful) pictures were sent to me as each team reached their first destinations and I then fed them with the next clue on their route.

As the day went on, some teams moved at a more spritely pace around their route while others preferred to take their time taking in the wonderful scenery as they went, with communication with myself flying backwards and forwards as I directed them around. To say it got a little stressful at times was an understatement, trying to direct the right team to the next correct location was tricky.

After 3 hours the first people started to return back to base after completing their 10 clue destinations successfully. This continued for the next hour, until it got to the point where I had to instruct people to return to the Old Dog in order to meet the preassigned curfew. In all 7 teams finished the full route with the remainder completing between 7 and 9 clues.

As people returned they had food and drinks and regaled about the day's antics out on the roads, while I did the number count for peoples scores. People seemed less bothered by the scores, they seemed to have just enjoyed the event for being so different to things they’d done before.

The eventual winner was Steven Doran with his co-pilot daughter Lauren, who were worthy winners for the effort they put into all the pictures they returned back to me.

Once the dust had settled and everyone had gone on their merry ways home, I did a final number count for monies raised through the event and in total we managed to raise a staggering £280 on the day. Which was kindly topped up to £300 by S2kUK. Then with two more separate donations online, the grand total was £320.

The day although stressful for me, surpassed all my expectations for both numbers attending and blowing away my £250 target for funds raised. All the planning was more than worth it.

I’m pleased to say it will return in 2024 but in a slightly different format again, this will hopefully go some way to answer the question from people asking if it will return.


Pistonheads 25th Birthday Celebration

On Saturday 12th August  one of our cars was in the the Display Car section at  Pistonheads 25th Celebration Event at Bicester Heritage.  The car, owned by Alastair Hume, will be 19 years old in October 23.    Alastair noticed that Pistonheads were looking for a standard S2000 and entered his car.    The car was placed next to a shed but Alastair was assured it was not a reflection of  suitability !   The accompanying picture of three magnificent cars gives an idea of the display area.  The variety of cars both in the  display area itself and the public car park was amazing.


Cranleigh Lions Classic Car Meet 2023

The Cranleigh Lions Classic Car Show is one of the most enjoyable car meets in Surrey.  5 of our S2000s on display which generated a great deal of interest from other attendees.     

This is an "all" car meet with at least 600 cars from various clubs.  A similar number in the public car park.  .  This makes for a great day.   Amongst the other cars notably  Honda s800 , a Gordon Keeble, and many more....  We will be putting it firmly on the list of events for 2024 and hope to be there in bigger numbers!


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