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Honda Could Revive the S2000

Speculation continues that there could be an S2000 successor in the wings.

PistonHeads were talking about the next Civic Type R in a recent interview with Honda R&D's Suehiro Hasshi and our friend Kotaro Yamamoto (translator, off duty race driver and original test driver of the S2000).

When counting a list of a few of the sporty models Honda used to produce on his fingers, he said...

"The NSX is confirmed to come back. The Beat is confirmed to come back. The Type R is confirmed to come back..." then wiggling his finger representing the S2000, "There's no-way this one doesn't come back."

Who knows what the future S2000 would be called, Hasshi-san is reported to have said "...there is no complete plan", but that it was Honda's ambition to offer the best products in terms of driving pleasure; and as we know the S2000 certinaly lives up to that.

When I met Funabashi-san (one of the original 4 designers) back in July 2009, I managed to get a hint that the NSX replacement plan was 99% done when the project was stopped, and that there was work going on an S2000 replacement back then - let's hope this is revived too!

The 4 original designers at Motegi Twin Ring in July 2009 - left to right: 

Hitoshi (Kin) Nakano, responsible for the power train development of the S2000, 

Ryouji Tsukamoto, responsible for suspension development of the S2000,

Sigeru Uehara, Chief Designer of the S2000, and Funabashi-san

 Adding to the speculation is the Honda S2000 "Modulo Climax" shown at the Tokyo Auto Salon - interesting showing a car that is out of production, maybe it's intended for owners wanting to perk up their aging 'S' with "cutting edge aeroform design" and a "chic interior co-ordinated in black and burgundy". Honda has used the Modulo name on several ranges of body kits and exterior accessories previously in Japan. Think most will stick with the original!


Honda says the car simply previews a new range of accessories it has in store for the roadster. Is it unusual for a car manufacturer to offer these sorts of parts 3 years after a model ceased production? Maybe, but it’s not unprecedented – Modulo recently offered a range of add-ons for the Beat and NSX, which ended production in 1996 and 2005, respectively.

....Oh, hang on a minute, both of those now have confirmed replacements!

EV-STER Concept in Tokyo NSX Concept in Detriot




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