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The Difference between S2KUK and S2KI

Membership of the UK S2000 Owners CLUB (S2KUK) is separate to membership of S2K International (S2KI)

S2KUK (Club) membership gets you all the UK club related 'offline' benefits, dealer discounts, insurance deals, aftermarket part discounts etc... these are explained in the Benefits section - see the top menu

S2KUK Membership is available for £20.00 a year running from May to April and £20.00 for half year from November to April, Click here to join S2KUK

S2KI (Forum) membership gets the additional forum benefits - ability to post in For Sale, more PM space, gallery access, custom avatar, etc.

S2KI membership is $20 a year and you can buy it by clicking 'Manage membership' once you are registered on S2KI. Click here to register on the S2KI forum

The 'Guest' or 'Member/Gold Member' Status shown on your profile on the forum relates to S2KI (Forum) membership, NOT S2KUK (Club membership).

The 2 compliment each other and if you see the history of the Club, you'll see the forum is where it all started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is S2KUK ?

A: The UK S2000 Owners Club (or S2KUK for short) was formed in 2004 as a distinct UK-centred owners club. Whilst much of the club's communication takes place via the UK forum on S2KI, it is a distinct and separate entity aimed at giving an identifiable public face for UK S2000 owners.

S2KUK is not designed to be an "either/or" club competing against S2KI. On the contrary, the intention when it was founded was to create something which was complementary to S2KI and to give a voice to UK S2000 Owners in dealing with Honda dealers and other third party suppliers. S2KUK is designed to enhance the "offline" aspects of ownership.

Q: What are the benefits of S2KUK?

A: You can see all the benefits we have negotiated so far on the s2kuk web site on the Benefits page. To date, they include discounts from various aftermarket parts suppliers, an insurance deal, and discounts of up to 20% on parts and labour with selected Honda dealers for S2KUK club members. Upon payment of your membership fee you will receive a membership card allowing you to claim these offers.

Q: What is S2KI?

A: S2K International (more commonly referred to as S2KI) is a the name (and URL) of the commercial international web site which is owned by Internet Brands. It is administered by them and in addition Ian Eygelsheim (AquilaEagle), along with voluntary help from many Moderators and Community Organisers.

The heart of the S2KI web site is the forums, including a number of distinct regional and national forums. One of those forums is the S2KI UK forum. This is where S2KUK developed from.

Q: So, what benefits does membership of S2KI bring?

A: As well as being a concrete way of putting something back into the community in return for the vast amount of knowledge and information on offer from the forums, membership of S2KI has certain benefits over guest accounts.

Basic membership offers the following benefits:

  • access to Members Only sections of the web site
  • various forum permissions related to closing your threads or editing your posts, and ability to have an 'avatar'
  • larger capacity of private messages
  • a personal Photo Gallery to store and share your digital photographs
  • up to 5% off popular items in the S2KI Marketplace

Gold membership offers enhanced benefits:

  • a larger Photo Gallery with more capacity, 4 gigabytes, and the ability to share your images on the Internet including your eBay auctions, personal web space or other sites beyond
  • special recognition as a Gold Member on the web site
  • up to 10% off popular items in the S2K Marketplace
Q: Do I have to be a member of S2KI to join S2KUK or vice versa?

A: No, the two are entirely separate for membership purposes.

Q: So, do I need to buy memberships for both S2KI and S2KUK in that case…?

A: You do not need to become a member of S2KI in order to use the forums – it is perfectly possible to do so by simply registering a forum name and using a guest account. You will not, however, receive all of the benefits which attach to paid membership of the site. Membership of S2KI costs $20 for basic membership and $50 for gold membership, and has to be renewed annually.

To obtain the benefits of membership of S2KUK (as detailed above and in the Benefits section ), you need to be a paid-up member. It costs £20.00 to join S2KUK with each year running from 1st May to April 30th.


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